‘There’s no time to panic’ – Kane searches for England’s perspective after Hungary knocks

30 Jun 2022 | 08:11

England captain Harry Kane believes it’s not the time to panic for his side following Tuesday’s 4-0 loss at home to Hungary in the Nations League.

The Three Lions were ripped apart as boos rang out at Molineux Stadium, with Roland Sallai’s double added late by Zsolt Nagy and Daniel Gazdag, along with a red card for John Stones.

The loss leaves England bottom of Group A3, the only team in the group without a win after four games, with Kane’s penalty against Germany being the only goal they have scored in that span.

After the loss, the 28-year-old was no exception with questions about Gareth Southgate’s ability to bring the team through, to this year’s World Cup.

“It’s a really disappointing question when asked. Let’s not forget where we come from,” he told BBC Radio.

Gareth has been a big part of the transformation This England team has become one of the most successful teams we have had in the last 50 years.

“I know it’s disappointing for the fans. It’s been a disappointing camp, football gives a surprise every now and then, we have to look at the big picture. We’ve had two great tournaments. It’s not the time to panic. It’s a loss that we’re disappointed with, but we need to stay calm and we know we have a lot of work to do.”

Southgate came out with a third squad after four games trying to create an optimal squad for Qatar, with Jude Bellingham and Conor Gallagher alongside Kalvin Phillips in midfield.

England’s two best chances in the open game both came from headers despite 68.6% of possession – Kane hit the crossbar with an attempt to seize the opportunity – but Sallai’s goal in the transition is an effective sealer.

The dismissal of Stones and two more goals for Hungary in the transition created a disappointing international feat for England, who have struggled to turn possession into nature in front of goal. .

Kane insisted England created many chances after the game but it was the execution in front of goal that was the main problem for this camp, and the cause of these results.

“First half, I think we created enough chances to score but that’s the story of our Nations League so far in this camp,” he told Channel 4.

“We didn’t quite get the advantage and then in the second half it was unacceptable, once we were 2-0 up to concede the way we did. Look. , we haven’t had such a camp in a long time. It’s not time to panic.

“It’s time for us to hold our heads high, expect a breakout now and come back stronger in September.

“Our defense has been the structure of our success for the last four, five years and it was a night to forget, of course. in preparation for what is going to be a big World Cup and that’s what most important. “