Ronaldo’s share indicates that MU has internal problems

14 Jan 2022 | 10:54

The Old Trafford team has many internal problems as well as the spirit of the players, especially young talents.

When Cristiano Ronaldo hinted that the current Manchester United young players do not accept when others criticize, people perceive the “Red Devils” dressing room as really problematic.

Ronaldo's latest speech exposes many problems at MU. Photo: Reuters.

Ronaldo’s latest speech exposes many problems at MU. Photo: Reuters.

Ronaldo is not satisfied with his teammates?

“Iremember when I was 18, 19, 20 years old, my seniors gave me frank comments like ‘Cristiano, you need to improve more’, so I knew I had to learn more,” the American superstar said. Portugal said in an interview earlier this week on Sky Sports . “They (senior players – PV) know more than you. They are also more experienced than young players.”

Ronaldo affirmed: “The current young players do not accept you criticizing or criticizing them. I don’t want to mention the Man Utd players directly but generally it is.”

Even when Ronaldo is wise and insists that he does not mean his current teammates, MU fans can easily associate Mason Greenwood or Marcus Rashford, two young players who have had problems in their time. past time.

Rashford became the focus of criticism when he had an improper attitude in the 1-0 win over Aston Villa in the FA Cup. Rashford was annoyed when Greenwood did not pass him in a favorable position. The striker wearing the number 10 shirt did not bother to rush into the cushion after the opponent’s goalkeeper broke it.

Greenwood also shows signs of slowing down after an impressive period last season and early this season. The 20-year-old striker plays individually and is selfish in his handling of the ball. The most frustrating person at Greenwood’s attitude is none other than Ronaldo.

The striker, born in 1985, was repeatedly dissatisfied with his teammates in the past. When the “Red Devils” drew 1-1 with Newcastle, CR7 and Bruno Fernandes publicized their dissatisfaction with their teammates.

Coach Ralf Rangnick then criticized the two Portuguese players: “My point is quite clear, the players and the coach must work and behave for the collective. They (Ronaldo and Fernandes – PV) must not have gestures. like that on the field.”

His eagerness and high standards on the pitch is what sets Ronaldo apart. The fact that Juventus repeatedly failed in the Champions League and lost the Serie A title last season is said to be one of the big reasons for his departure.

However, the decline of the Manchester club made Ronaldo’s ambition to conquer major titles challenged. “Red Devils” are ranked 7th on the Premier League table and 22 points from the leading team Man City.

The 36-year-old striker did not hide his disappointment with the current performance of the team. “Manchester United’s goal has to be at least the top three in the Premier League and I don’t accept the mentality (of the team) to be below that goal,” he said.

Greenwood and Rashford are having problems with the mentality of the game. Photo: Reuters.

Greenwood and Rashford are having problems with the mentality of the game. Photo: Reuters.

Where is MU’s football culture?

When Ronaldo just returned to Old Trafford at the beginning of the season, most MU stars received it with a positive mentality. Midfielder Eric Bailly revealed many players began to follow Ronaldo, whereby they stopped using dessert in their meals as well as putting in foods with a lot of sugar.

“We were sitting at the table, and then a few players looked at Ronaldo’s plate and asked what was on it?”, the Ivory Coast player said. “Ronaldo uses only the healthiest foods you can imagine.”

However, since MU started to play poorly, leading to the departure of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the “Red Devils” dressing room is no longer quiet. British media reported that there were signs of division within the team. Specifically, Ronaldo and Fernandes expressed their attitudes to teammates.

TalkSPORT journalist Alex Crook revealed that there was a conflict between a group of Portuguese-speaking Manchester United players like Ronaldo, Fernandes, Diogo Dalot, Fred or Alex Telles and the rest of the team.

Former MU player, Gary Neville, also questioned the internal situation of the team. He is skeptical about the solidarity between Ronaldo, Fernandes and teammates. Legendary Paul Scholes believes that Ronaldo’s presence creates pressure on young Man United players.

“Greenwood is a scapegoat when MU plays poorly,” said the former England midfielder. “He was developing well and then he lost his starting position. Greenwood needs to be given more opportunities.”

The Ronaldo contract clearly brings both advantages and disadvantages to Man United. The “Red Devils” have had to change a lot in terms of play since CR7 returned to the team.

The competitive mentality and eagerness of the Portuguese superstar is something many MU players are not familiar with. When the team plays badly, every problem in the dressing room becomes more serious.

During his most difficult period at Old Trafford, coach Jose Mourinho once hinted that many MU players had problems with competitive psychology. The “special person” was not satisfied with the training spirit and efforts of Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba or Luke Shaw.

After Mourinho, now it’s Ronaldo’s turn to express his dissatisfaction with the training and competition spirit of many MU players. “I did not come to MU to rank 5th, 6th or 7th in the rankings”, CR7 affirmed. “I’m here to win and compete for titles.”

However, the Portuguese superstar needs to understand that most of MU’s current players have not experienced the feeling of championship like him for many years. The last big title “Red Devils” got half a decade ago. In the 2016/17 season, Mourinho’s MU won the Europa League and League Cup. The Manchester team has been empty-handed for the past 5 years.

The foggy media further revealed that Ronaldo complained about the fact that he was the only Man United player to regularly practice overtime at the Carrington center. CR7 wants to influence the training and competition culture of the MU dressing room, but it is not an easy thing.