Rashford pushed coach Rangnick into a difficult position

13 Jan 2022 | 12:41

If Marcus Rashford does not quickly regain his form and have a more positive spirit, the English striker will lose his place at Manchester United.

After the 1-0 win over Aston Villa in the FA Cup, coach Ralf Rangnick said he could not understand why Rashford had fallen so badly. The strategist who affirmed that the striker born in 1997 still works hard and deserves the main kick.

However, those may just be Rangnick’s polite statements. After a poor performance in both professionalism and spirit against Aston Villa, Rashford’s ability to kick the main ball in the near future is more obscure.

Rashford had a poor game both professionally and mentally against Aston Villa. Photo: Reuters.

Rashford had a poor game both professionally and mentally against Aston Villa. Photo: Reuters.

There is a problem with the spirit of competition

Rashford kicked until the 86th minute in the match against Aston Villa before leaving the field, but many “Red Devils” fans wanted coach Rangnick to replace the 24-year-old player sooner. The striker of “Three Lions” not only played a bad game professionally, but his playing attitude is also worth discussing.

The Rashford situation that made many fans angry happened in the 75th minute. In that phase, Mason Greenwood finished without passing Rashford in a favorable position. The striker wearing the number 10 shirt showed a frustrated attitude and did not bother to rush into the ball after goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez made a save.

Greenwood handled the situation poorly when playing too personally, but Rashford’s careless attitude was difficult to accept. Former England striker, Alan Shearer, commented that Rashford seems to have a mental problem.

“The signs that he (Rashford – PV) shows on the pitch show this,” analyzed the Premier League legend. “Rashford doesn’t seem to find any enjoyment in playing football anymore.”

Shearer also questioned whether Rashford was having problems in his life. “I don’t want to criticize him heavily for his attitude against Villa, because we don’t know if there is any problem with Rashford’s life,” said the top scorer in Premier League history.

Dion Dublin, another former striker who played for Manchester United, also agrees with Shearer. “I did not see Rashford smile and show joy in the game”, “The fact that a striker does not want to rush into the ball to score a goal is really worrying.”

Before the match against Aston Villa, Rashford was on the bench when Man United lost 0-1 to Wolves at Old Trafford. The 24-year-old striker only came on in the 76th minute instead of Sancho but played quite badly.

At that time, former center-back Rio Ferdinand commented that Rashford was one of the worst strikers in the “Red Devils” team. “Every time Rashford loses the ball, his gesture and attitude is something I don’t want to see,” said Ferdinand. “You have to show positivity and prove to the coach that you’re not bringing bad energy to the team.”


The phase of the Rashford ball did not bother to rush into the ball in the match against Aston Villa, making MU fans angry.

The phase of the Rashford ball did not bother to rush into the ball in the match against Aston Villa, making MU fans angry.


Worrying future

What’s going on with Rashford? When the January transfer market of European football opened, the British media began to report that the 24-year-old striker could leave Manchester United because there is no longer a starting position at Old Trafford.

The departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the coach who gave a lot of favor to Rashford, may affect the player’s mentality. Under coach Rangnick, Rashford is no longer an important player in MU’s 4-2-2-2 scheme.

Former British player, Paul Merson, analyzed in recent important matches, Edinson Cavani and Cristiano Ronaldo are the main strikers of the “Red Devils”. If Cavani does not start, Greenwood will replace the Uruguayan striker.

If appearing on the field, Rashford also has to kick away from goal, playing in midfield with Jadon Sancho in a 4-2-2-2 formation. That is a position Rashford is not really comfortable in.

Up to this point, it can be affirmed that Rangnick is a much more personal coach model than Solskjaer before. Former Leipzig coach is not afraid to treat the pillars of the “Red Devils” harshly

Last week, the German strategist publicly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo or Bruno Fernandes for the bad attitude of both, after the 1-1 draw with Newcastle.

“My position is quite clear, the players and the coach have to work for the collective,” Mr. Rangnick said. “They (Ronaldo and Fernandes – PV) must not have such gestures on the field.”

After the win over Burnley, McTominay confirmed that coach Rangnick asked MU players to change their attitude and body language during the match in a more positive direction.

And what did the German strategist think when Rashford repeated the behavior of Ronaldo and Fernandes in the match against Aston Villa? The 24-year-old striker has the right to be disappointed with Greenwood because of the ball, but he himself did not pass it to the man in the same situation in the first half.

In addition, Rashford’s act of not rushing to the back stone made him lose points seriously. It may be true that Shearer said, Rashford is simply having a psychological problem.

The ability to make accurate decisions has never been the strong point of the English striker. And Rashford’s decline in form, not being able to kick much in the past only made things worse for the player.

Since joining the “Red Devils” first team, Rashford is a pretty good player and doesn’t cause much trouble. It is unlikely that Rashford will rebel in the MU dressing room. However, if the striker born in 1997 does not quickly improve his spirit and performance on the pitch, he may very well have to receive punishment from coach Rangnick.