Ramos shocked when PSG teammates were too confident against Real

10 Feb 2022 | 05:16

The confidence and ambition to crush Real Madrid in the 1/8 Champions League round of the PSG players made the Spaniard stunned.

According to ABC, PSG players are very excited to face Real Madrid in the knockout round of this season’s Champions League. “We will crush them” is the most recorded reaction from PSG players when they know that the opponent is the Bernabeu team.

Before the strong reaction of his teammates, Ramos was said to be shocked . The Spanish midfielder did not have any specific reaction when he knew he would have to face Real Madrid, but he was completely surprised when he saw his teammates expressing confidence and ambition to crush the Bernabeu club.
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 Ramos is likely to start in the PSG squad when facing Real Madrid in the Champions League. Photo: Reuters.

ABC revealed that the most happy PSG player when he learned that he would meet Real Madrid was Lionel Messi. “Messi appeared happy. He even jumped to celebrate ,” a source directly from the PSG dressing room told ABC.

This newspaper describes the determination of PSG players to crush Real that has not changed since then. The French team seems to only consider Real Madrid as a lower-class team.

ABC explained that Ramos was shocked for two reasons. One, the last thing Ramos wants to do is go against Real Madrid. The prospect of hitting the net “Los Blancos” is too hard to imagine for the Spaniard. Two, Ramos did not understand why his teammates were so confident when facing the Spanish Royal team, the greatest club in European history with 13 Champions League titles.

This newspaper also emphasized that PSG players believe that the 2021/22 season is the time when they will reach the top of Europe. In the last two seasons, PSG have reached the semi-finals. Last season, they lost to Man City. In the 2019/20 season, the French team lost to Bayern Munich in the final.

With the addition of Messi and a class of stars like Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi and Ramos, PSG believe this is the time for them to reach the top of Europe for the first time in history.

PSG will meet Real Madrid at 3:00 am on February 16 (Hanoi time).