Ramazani took advantage of the slow RM defense to put Almeria ahead

23 Aug 2022 | 08:31

Almeria and Real Madrid The 2022-23 La Liga season is underway and the home team has the opening goal. They need only six minutes to put the La Liga champions on top.

A great combination of Inigo Eguaras and Largie Ramazani keep the home fans on their toes. They saw how a great pass allowed the Belgian striker become one on one with Courtois and beat the goalkeeper.

Eguaras sent a long ball forward from his half and put the ball on the plate for Ramazani, who interjected between Rudiger and Nacho and went like a shot towards Madrid’s goal. In the end, he hit his countryman with a Courtois’ shot close to the right post.

Real Madrid pay them a fine slow game start and Ramazani took advantage of this success to raise the score to 1-0. His acrobatic celebration That’s good.