MU vs Tottenham: Be yourself, Ronaldo!

12 Mar 2022 | 13:47

MU faces many challenges before Tottenham and fans expect Cristiano Ronaldo to be himself, after the noise off the pitch.

Challenging challenge

MU’s fierce “Tourmalet” series began in a way that could not be more disappointing, when suffering a 1-4 defeat at Man City with faces showing a mental breakdown.

MU vs Tottenham: Be yourself, Ronaldo! - Football

MU showed weakness in the derby. 

The defeat in the Manchester derby made MU experience the 3rd consecutive match without winning in all competitions. This is the second time this streak of negative results has appeared under Ralf Rangnick.

For the first time, MU did not win 3 consecutive matches with Rangnick a month ago, when the score 1-1 appeared against Middlesbrough (then lost on penalties and eliminated from the FA Cup), Burnley and Southampton.

Disappointing results pushed MU into a state of skepticism, the dressing room was stuffy and many players no longer believed in Rangnick.

Marcus Rashford publicly intends to leave MU (in response, Rangnick stated that Marcus could leave if he wanted to).

In the context of worn-out trust, MU faces another challenge when receiving Tottenham at Old Trafford, in the 29th round of the Premier League.

The battle with Tottenham greatly affects the Red Devils’ chance to compete for 4th place, when they are at a much worse disadvantage than Arsenal.

MU vs Tottenham: Be yourself, Ronaldo! - Football

Tottenham is an uncomfortable challenge for MU. 

After Spurs, Rangnick’s teachers and students have another difficult battle with Atletico – the team is flourishing with 3 consecutive victories, along with Joao Felix’s high performance – in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round (only the match against Tottenham Hotspur). Liverpool scheduled for March 20 has been postponed).

Be yourself, Ronaldo

After the loss to Man City, Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the names mentioned a lot even though he did not play.

Ronaldo added to the conflict in the dressing room, especially between himself and Harry Maguire, when he skipped a collective meal and flew back to Portugal in the middle of the game.

In recent times, Ronaldo’s performance has declined, and then many problems have arisen with coach Rangnick and his teammates.

CR7’s response is clearly not correct. That just shows that he cares about the interests and spiritual values ​​of individuals rather than thinking about the collective.

MU vs Tottenham: Be yourself, Ronaldo! - Football

Ronaldo needs to find himself after the noise off the pitch. 

Ronaldo is said to have regained 100% of his fitness and is ready to return to Tottenham.

More than ever, it’s time for this 37-year-old star to show his true worth to help the home team overcome the Tottenham barrier. MU needs Cristiano’s quality on the pitch, not bringing him back to Old Trafford to do his job.

Tottenham is Ronaldo’s favorite customer. He scored 11 goals in 19 matches against the London team, including a 3-0 win in the first leg, and 6 other assists.

With Ronaldo in the squad, the teams he played for won Tottenham 13 matches and lost only 1.

Ronaldo needs to awaken his goal-scoring instincts in the battle with Tottenham, led by coach Antonio Conte who understands him quite well, before rematching another opponent that CR7 also loves: Atletico.