Mancini thanks Chiellini before bidding farewell to Italy against Argentina

11 Jun 2022 | 08:21

Chiellini announced his departure from the club Juventus and his international retirement at the end of this season, but 37 years old can continue to play football in North Americaaccording to some media reports.

‘Finalissima’ game at Wembley will be by Chiellini 117th international appearance for the European champions. “He chose and The choice must be respected. I’ll talk to him to thank him, it’s normal for him to go the other way. ” Mancini said at a press conference at the start of the Italian training camp.

The Guardian has won a bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics against Italy before being called up to the senior team in November of that year against Finland. Eighteen years later, he was part of a group of 45 players called up by Mancini in June. Italy facing Copa America champions Argentina in London on Wednesday during the revival meeting of the European and South American champions.

Italy will then play Germany twice, Hungary and England in the Nations League. Mancini insists Chiellini will be the only one to retire from the Azzurri, despite Italy having missed a second consecutive World Cup.

“Some can play the last game of the season (against Argentina) and go home because we have to choose, but nobody is Giorgio’s age,” Mancini said. “We have to start overour supporters are still behind us despite what happened. “