Liverpool star commented on Luis Diaz’s 1-on-1 ability

03 Feb 2022 | 16:13

 The Kop defender provides a perspective on the rookie that the club brought in during the winter transfer window.

Liverpool aimed to strengthen the attack in the winter market and finally, The Kop completed the transfer plan with the signing of Luis Diaz. Through the club’s homepage, defender Kostas Tsimikas spoke about his new team-mate:  “I look forward to seeing him at Liverpool. Obviously when we played Porto, I thought Diaz was their best player.”

“I look forward to meeting, talking and being here to help with whatever he wants. I’m pretty sure Diaz will be of great help to Liverpool.”


Kostas Tsimikas on the 'incredible' Luis Diaz - Bóng Đá

 Liverpool rookie.

“Obviously I don’t go with Diaz but I really like his technique. Diaz really plays instinctively in one-on-one situations . I like him a lot in terms of play. I like the ball pattern. “The players didn’t calculate too much and scored directly on their own, trying to create a breakthrough for the team. Hopefully I’ll see that from Diaz here, he’s a phenomenal player.”

A recent comment on Liverpool’s deal, coach Carlos Carvalhal also appreciated:  “We all know how Liverpool play. Let’s take a simple example. You see your shoe size number, for example the number 8 and you go: This is my shoe size. That’s also the case with Diaz coming to Liverpool. He’s quick, strong, creative and very good at duels.”