Koeman posted, publicized Laporta’s lie thousands of times about Xavi

03 Mar 2022 | 13:50

 Former captain Blaugrana expressed frustration with the highest leader of the big Catalan giants.

Ronald Koeman’s most impressive moments before Nastic

Taking over the coaching bench at Camp Nou replacing his predecessor Ronald Koeman, Xavi gradually helped Barcelona find form. Under the leadership of the Spanish strategist, Blaugrana is occupying the Top 4 La Liga and reaching the 1/8 round of the Europa League.

In an interview with Dutch publication AD quoted by ESPN, Koeman expressed his frustration:  “Barca did not give me the time like Xavi. I still feel pain right now. I work with many injured players. Now Pedri’s condition is recovering and Dembele is back. Every coach needs time and patience from the board.”

Ex-Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman questions motives of Lionel Messi exit - Football

 Koeman teases Laporta about Xavi.

Laporta told me a thousand times that Xavi would not be his coach because of his lack of experience. However, I am not Laporta’s coach, I had that feeling from the beginning. After he won. election, there is no agreement between us.

I lack the necessary support from above. I really wanted to be successful at Barca, but realized that Laporta wanted to get rid of me because I was not appointed by him. You won’t see me coming to Camp Nou for a while, I still can’t get back to the club. With this president, I can’t pretend nothing happened.”