Klopp wants Liverpool to show Madrid who is the boss of the Champions League final

04 Jun 2022 | 08:42

Real too strong when the two sides met in Kyiv in 2018, but Klopp’s men came back to be European champions a year later and now the third final at the hands of the Germans. Liverpool will participate AC Milan are the second most successful club in European cup history with seven titles if they lift the trophy at the Stade de France.

Madrid is ahead as the kings of Europe with 13 titlesBut Klopp wants Liverpool not to be left out in front of the history of facing the Spanish champions.

“If you look at the history of the club, if you look at the experience of other teams, the way Real Madrid celebrates the returnI would say it’s Real Madrid (the favorites) because of the experience“, Klopp said in his pre-match press conference on Friday. But I want us to be on the same level, thinking equally. I wish we were us in this game. “

Madrid needed stirring fights to see off Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and City of Manchester to return to the finals for the first time in four years. Liverpool’s road to Paris was more serene as they prepared for 63rd game of the season. Klopp’s men won League Cup and FA Cup and missed the Premier League title when one point behind Man City.

“Once in my life someone told me The more often you win something, the more likely you are not to win it anymore“Klopp added.” I’m not sure Real Madrid thinks so but I have a little bit of a dream that that’s the case. Obviously we played some really good stuff this season. We are not here by surprise or we get a ticket or something like that, we deserve it.

“We are at the top level it would be great. If we can do that then we are a really nasty opponent. We can talk about what Real Madrid has achieved in the past and this season, How good are their players?Now we can write a book about this team together. But we are also good And that’s what we want to show. “

The right side of history

Madrid also had silverware on display for their season as they Fly to the La Liga championship.

Carlo Ancelotti said: “We are very close to reaching the maximum level on the eve of a record fifth Champions League final as a coach. Ancelotti won Real’s long-awaited 10th European Cup in his first season in charge of the Bernabeu in 2014. Thibaut Courtois sided with the opposition that night in Lisbon as Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper and the Belgian is looking forward to standing on the right side of history in his first Champions League final since then.

Courtois said: “We know when Real Madrid play in the final, they will beat them. “Now I’m on the right side of that.

Madrid have enjoyed a more relaxed build-up after winning the Spanish title almost a month ago. But Liverpool are hoping for a The line-up is a perfect fit to choose. Midfielder Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara suspected muscle injury, but the two returned to training this week and are in contention to start.