Jurgen Klopp: ‘It’s a funny story’

29 Dec 2021 | 14:11

This morning, The Kop received their second defeat in the Premier League this season at King Power Stadium.
Liverpool is said to benefit before the match, because they did not play in the 19th round due to Leeds United having many cases of COVID-19. Meanwhile, Leicester only had 48 hours to rest after a 3-6 defeat at the Etihad Stadium against Man City.

At King Power Stadium, The Kop played overwhelmingly with familiar gameplay. In the 15th minute, they were awarded an 11m kick, but Mohamed Salah failed to do it. In the 59th minute, Ademola Lookman scored the only goal of the match, helping Leicester defeat the Merseyside Red Brigade.

Speaking after the game, coach Jurgen Klopp said: “Some people keep talking about us not playing on the 26th, only playing on the 28th and losing to a team that played all day 26 and 28.

It’s a funny story, I know. It was a strange match on our part. Liverpool are not really themselves in this game.

We are off to a good start. But then we lost our rhythm and never found it again. There were moments where the whole team could have played much better.

We need a little bit of effort to get the goal. We had a few chances. And when they scored, obviously we were under pressure.

We missed three points and in the end I think the whole team is responsible for the poor performance today and Leicester get what they deserved.”