Football players have had hair transplants

16 Jun 2022 | 08:59

Have you seen it yet? football people seem to have very little hair and then, suddenly, their hair was back? They may have had a Hair transplants. Hair transplant included hair follicle removal surgery from one part of the body to another with little or no hair to remove bald patches. Many people not happy about being bald or have very little hair and the chance of getting rid of bald patches interests them. This is especially true for those in the public eye.

Former England player Wayne RooneyPortuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo and former Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann was one of those who had to have a hair transplant. Hair transplants have been around for a very long time and they really go back to the 1950s. Psychological and aesthetic reasons are the reason most people decide to go under the knife. “I went bald at 25, so why not. I am very happy with the result“Rooney said after getting a hair transplant in 2011.

There are also many others consider it a private matter and did not disclose whether they had been transplanted. Including David Silva, Wesley Sneijder. Andros Townsend and Xherdan Shaqiri who have been reported to have had a transplant. Even managers go for hair transplants such as the owner of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp and the Tottenham manager Antonio Conte. In fact, Italians have had no less than three transplants. It’s a decision few people regret, but it’s still worth researching the subject before making it.

Have Lots of different hair transplants available. In the past, FUE and FUT used to be the most popular methods, but now, DHI hair transplant much more popular. It differs from FUE or FUT in that it uses an implantable pen to deliver grafts directly into the skin no incision needed. That’s great for those who care about their appearance, but the process will take longer. In fact, the former Brentford goalkeeper Richard Lee is one of the recipients of a direct hair transplant (DHI).

One of the places where you can get this treatment is Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul. The Well known Turkish clinic because there are customers from all over Europe and the world. Turkey is a very attractive place for hair transplant because it is significantly cheaper than the rest of Europe. It usually costs about a quarter or a third what it does elsewhere. At Smile Hair Clinic, the cost of hair transplant is LOW from 2690 to 3590 euros while in the UK you are looking at a minimum of £10000 and sometimes even in the north it is £13000.

Furthermore, in Turkey, packages are “All inclusive”. That means medicine, transportation and accommodation are all included in the price while elsewhere, Prices are made for each pairing. This can lead to very expensive treatment and so Turkey is considered a popular hair transplant market. Although it is cheap, Quality not included.

Smile Hair Clinic was founded by How many doctors? Mehmet Erdogan and Gokay Bilgin in 2018. It is known all over the world and has appeared in the global media. They work in a seven-story building in East Istanbul and more than 100 employees work at the company. The entire team is also trained in providing first aid in the event of any complications with surgery so you are always in the best of your ability. Hair transplants are becoming more and more popular, so why not do it today? You will not regret it!