Draw with Southampton, MU already knows which is the name to leave the OTF

12 Feb 2022 | 16:33

 Despite being a quality player, perhaps Manchester United need to find someone more suitable than Edinson Cavani.

Edinson Cavani’s hat-trick against AC Milan

Man Utd need 3 points against Southampton to return to the race for the Top 4 in the Premier League. The Red Devils have no other choice when they are in extremely bad form recently. They soon took the lead thanks to Jadon Sancho.

However, the deviant defense once again cost Man Utd dearly. The Old Trafford team let Southampton hold a draw. With only 1 point in this match, Man Utd is in danger of being widened the gap by opponents.
Draw with Southampton, MU already knows which name is the right name to leave the OTF - Football

 Man Utd had another disappointing match.

One thing to note is that Man Utd does not have the best force in this match. In addition to Fred and Nemanja Matic, Man Utd especially lacks Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan striker has health problems and is not able to play.

Coach Ralf Rangnick himself admitted before the match that: “Cavani, unfortunately, had to withdraw after training last night. It was some problem in the groin. He had to be treated all night and morning but eventually In the end, he just said he wasn’t really healthy.”

This is not the first time Cavani is absent when Man Utd need him the most. This makes fans have the right to doubt the ability of the number 21 to contribute. Not long ago, Cavani was severely criticized for asking permission from the BHL to take a break from the defeat to Middlesbrough in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Using the reason that he had just returned to serve the national team, Cavani did not want to play with Man Utd. Cavani is aware of his own health, but obviously, he doesn’t really work for the team. When Man Utd needed it most, Cavani could not appear.
Draw with Southampton, MU already knows which name is the right name to leave the OTF - Football

 When Ronaldo was dead, Cavani could not attend.

Remember, Cavani is one of the highest-paid players on the team, up to £ 250,000 / week. However, his contribution is truly disproportionate. Man Utd can’t keep paying a player for a game or a break like that.

Cavani is a talented striker, every time he enters the field, he always gives his best to fight. However, Man Utd needs more than that in an experienced assassin like Cavani. At key moments, Cavani simply could not be present to bring diversity to the Red Devils attack.

Cavani’s contract expires this summer. Perhaps Man Utd understands that it is time for them to bid farewell to the 34-year-old striker. Coach Ralf Rangnick needs to recruit a younger and healthier striker to fight for a long season.