Coach Park Choong-kyun: ‘Hanoi club players should go abroad from 2023’

03 Feb 2022 | 16:21

Coach (coach) head of Hanoi Club Park Choong-kyun wishes Quang Hai and Vietnamese players to go abroad to play to gain more experience.

The series of victories over Pho Hien, Hai Phong and U23 Vietnam teams also ended the friendly round of Hanoi FC before the Lunar New Year. The whole team is on holiday and will return to the army from February 8 to soon prepare for the 2022 season. At that time, the capital team also welcomed players who had just finished their mission with the Vietnamese team in the World qualifiers. Cup 2022.

Head coach Park Choong-kyun said: “For Hanoi FC, 3 weeks after having enough staff will be an important training period. The fact that the team has many players on the team leaves many difficulties in training. and squad evaluation”.

He continued: ” I always emphasize that it is not always a national player or a foreign player that will guarantee the starting position. The players must know that if the attitude and training expertise are not good, they will certainly not be selected. out on the field.”

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Coach Park Choong-kyun is renewing the Hanoi FC squad after the successful period of Mr. Chu Dinh Nghiem. Photo: Hoang Mai.

According to Mr. Park, in the 2022 season, Hanoi FC will focus on regaining the V.League championship and the National Cup. He assessed that not only HAGL or Viettel clubs but also Binh Dinh were also a challenge for the capital’s ambitions.

“Last year, I just arrived, so I only managed Hanoi FC for 2 matches, not much information about other teams. Up to now, I know the teams in the top half of the V.League rankings like Viettel, HAGL. , Binh Dinh has a quality team of players. Those three teams will be big barriers to our championship,” the Korean strategist shared.

Speaking more about HAGL, Mr. Park said: “HAGL is a counterweight to Hanoi FC in many aspects. Last year, when I watched HAGL play through videotape, I also saw that they played stably, with a balance in terms of performance. The squad and also have many good players. HAGL’s head coach, Kiatisuk Senamuang, also has good professional skills.”

When asked about whether Quang Hai should go abroad to play, coach Park Choong-kyun expressed his support.


“Quang Hai is a particularly important player not only for us but also for the Vietnamese team. In the past time, Quang Hai has had to go through many matches and I am worried he will get a little tired. We will take good care of Quang Hai so that he can have an impressive performance and contribute well to the team this season.

The fact that Quang Hai went abroad to compete was something I couldn’t decide on my own. If I have this information, I also need to sit down to discuss with the team leader. In order for Vietnamese football to develop, Vietnamese players should go abroad to play in order to gain more experience. If the Hanoi club players have the opportunity, let’s go in 2023 , Mr. Park said.

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Mr. Park Choong-kyun supports Quang Hai and the Hanoi FC players to go abroad from 2023. Photo: Viet Linh.

Coach Park Choong-kyun did not return to Korea for the holidays, but stayed in Vietnam during this time. He said that in addition to working and resting plans, he also took advantage of exploring Hanoi. He doesn’t worry about the shops closing for Tet holiday.

“There is also a supermarket in front of my house, so I go to buy groceries to cook. Some Korean restaurants also say they are open during Tet, I will also go there to enjoy. Happy New Year everyone, We will always try our best to offer beautiful football to meet your expectations,” said Mr. Park.

Mr. Park Choong-kyun took over the position of head coach of Hanoi FC, replacing Mr. Hoang Van Phuc from April 2021 with a 2-year contract. Coach Park had only directed the team for 2 matches when the V.League stopped. Those are the matches Hanoi FC lost 0-1 Binh Dinh and Hanoi won 3-1 Saigon.

Preparing for the 2022 season, Coach Park drastically changed the force of the Hanoi club, when he bid farewell to foreign soldiers Moses Oloya and Geovane Magno to bring in two Eastern European players Josip Ivancic and Djuno Zec.

Regarding internal troops, the capital team recruited quality names including Nguyen Hai Long (from Quang Ninh Club), Pham Tuan Hai (from Ha Tinh Club) and Vu Minh Tuan (from Viettel Club).