Catching Oman: Vietnam does these 2 things well, from draw to win

24 Mar 2022 | 10:29

Oman is dominant in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, but the Vietnamese team still has a chance to win points if the opponent’s strength is limited.

Dead Ball Power

In October 2021, the Vietnamese team lost regretfully 1-3 in the field of rival Oman, in the match where Tien Linh opened the scoring – his 8th goal in the 2022 World Cup qualifying period.

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 Vietnam needs to focus on the high ball phase.

In addition to problems from personal errors, the reverse defeat at Sultan Qaboos field also came from another cause: the Vietnamese team had trouble with dead ball situations.

Right in the 16th minute, goalkeeper Van Toan blocked an 11-meter shot from conductor Mohsin Al Khaldi. The penalty situation stemmed from Ho Tan Tai’s fault, when Vietnam could not control Oman’s penalty kick arrangement.

In the extra time of the first half, there was still a free kick to hang the ball into the penalty area for Vietnam and Oman to equalize 1-1. It was this situation that made the big turning point after the break.

As soon as the second half started, Oman once again made the difference from the dead ball when making it 2-1 in the corner.

The third goal did not come from a dead ball, but it showed another limitation of the Vietnamese team: the fight against the ball was not good and there were too many redundant moves. The defenders of Coach Park Hang Seo often make unnecessary movements when arguing with the opponent.

Unpleasant corners

Going deeper into dead-ball situations, one highlight in Oman is the nasty corners.
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 Oman’s corner strategy is very annoying.

The players with outstanding physique of Oman will stand close to the goal line with the majority, in order to block the view as well as the operating area of ​​the opponent’s goalkeeper.


This way of kicking causes a lot of psychological inhibition for the opponent. Inexperienced goalkeepers will lose their advantage and power in the 5m50 area.

In the first leg in Muscat, the Vietnamese team had to concede 1 goal because of such discomfort. That goal also made the psychology of some players fluctuate.

Coach Park Hang Seo must have prepared this issue very carefully before the second leg. “Golden star warriors” need to be calm and comfortable to control dead ball situations.

Personal role

The absence of Hoang Duc – who was re-infected with Covid-19, is a big disadvantage for the Vietnamese team, when Oman is quite strong in the middle.
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 Vietnam must limit Fawaz’s long-range shooting ability.

Oman’s gameplay was developed mainly from the position of Mohsin Al-Khaldi. It was he who scored to increase the score to 2-1 in the first leg.

The big difference in the Oman squad compared to the first leg is that the role of Abdullah Fawaz is more prominent.

Coach Branko Ivankovic turned Fawaz into a very mobile factor, thereby promoting his strengths.

If Al-Khaldi is unable to play, Fawaz will act as an organizer and is encouraged to play freely to exploit his ability to finish from a distance.

Fawaz scored both goals for Oman in a 2-2 draw with Australia. In it, there is a table from a very beautiful long shot.

Without Hoang Duc’s coverage in the middle of the field, coach Park Hang Seo had to find a way to limit the space in front of Fawaz, so that Vietnam could create another historic feat, after defeating China.