Alaba free kick helps Real Madrid start the campaign with a win again

18 Aug 2022 | 08:48

Real Madrid made the most of it Barcelona’s draw against Rayo Vallecano to beat Almeria on the first weekend of the La Liga season. Madrid has fallen behind passed Ramazani’s goal after six minutes, but Lucas Vazquez’s goal was just after the hour and Alaba .’s great free kick gave Ancelotti’s army a well-deserved victory. However, Madrid do not have their own way and difficult for a long time in breaking down the Almeria defence.

Almeria had a dream start against Real Madrid with only six minutes on the clock. Inigo Eguaras hit the ball long from his half to Ramazani, who run to the ball and shoot past Courtois to the ecstatic home fans. However, Carlo Ancelotti’s team is a different team after that initial failure.

They put constant pressure on Goals from Almeria and Karim Benzema nearly scored after Vinicius’ cross, but he was denied by the defender just as he was about to pull the trigger. Rudiger also made an effort, but the shot was missed because of a corner. When it’s not a defender, it’s a goalkeeper Fernando Martinez who kept them in the bay.

Valverde after 15 minutes and then Rudiger nearly timed both of the Spanish goalkeeper’s knuckles while Ancelotti’s team no less than 12 angles during the first 45 minutes of the competition. A solid defense and a quality goalkeeper meant that Almeria had the lead at the break. The home team took advantage of Madrid’s attacks to counterattack and it could even be 2-0 did not let Sadiq explode early in the first half.

Second stanza like Madrid keep knocking on Almeria’s door. The newly promoted party also tried and Samu Costa had a goal In the 50th minute, but he couldn’t find the goal while Umar Sadiq was also forced to make a save from Courtois. However, Madrid’s class has finally shown through.

Benzema was rejected by Fernando in the 55th minute, but when the clock ticked one hour, Madrid have a deserved equalizer. Vinicius attacks and has a shot that is blocked by Fernando, the ball goes to Benzema and although the opponent was able to block him as he was about to score, the ball broke to Lucas Vazquez and he went home.

Madrid continued to press for a winner and in the 74th minute, Ancelotti introduces Alaba to replace Mendy and Austrian gold with first touch. His free kick went over the wall and beat Fernando left hand upright before going into goal. The goalkeeper was left with no chance and it gave Madrid the lead for the first time in the competition.

Goals are a big obstacle for the Andalusian costume and they brought Puigmal and Portillo in the closing stages, but they were there can be no equalizer. Curro Sanchez came closest with a strike, but his effort was blocked by Courtois while it could even have ended 1-3 if Fernando hadn’t stopped Samu Costa’s own goal. It is a Real Madrid absolutely deserved to winbut Almeria tried her best.