10 most valuable stars EPL: Pep’s missing signature, 2 hopes for Man United

01 Apr 2022 | 11:44

 Let’s take a look at the 10 most valuable stars in the current Premier League by the end of March 2022.

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10. Jack Grealish (Manchester City) – 80 triệu euro 

Recruited by Man City in the summer for more than 100 million euros, but the value of Jack Grealish has dropped significantly after the unexpected performances at the Etihad Stadium team. 

=10. Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 80 million euros 

As the only defender on the list, however, the talent of Trent Alexander-Arnold is undisputed. This season, TAA is Liverpool’s top assist foot in the EPL with 11 times helping teammates score. 

=10. Jadon Sancho (Manchester United) – 80 million euros 

After a bad start, Jadon Sancho has regained his form in a Man United shirt and is being considered one of the great hopes in the Red Devils attack.

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Sancho is playing better in a Man United shirt.  

7. Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea) – 85 triệu euros

Similar to Jack Grealish, Romelu Lukaku’s value has also been continuously reduced by a series of fading performances in a Chelsea shirt. 

=7. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) – 85 million euros 

There was a period of decline and it was rumored that he would soon leave Man City, but Raheem Sterling very quickly found his instinct to score goals. Currently, he and Riyad Mahrez are the top 2 strikers of The Citizens in the Premier League when they have contributed a total of 20 goals divided equally between each person.


5. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) – 90 million euros 

Another expensive star from Man City, Kevin De Bruyne is considered a key factor in the deployment of coach Pep Guardiola’s tactics and possesses a great position in the midfield of the Etihad team. 

=5. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) – 90 triệu euro 

Having the same value as Kevin De Bruyne is the conductor leading the way of Man United, Bruno Fernandes. Although the Red Devils are currently playing poorly, the role of the Portuguese midfielder at Old Trafford is still very important. 

10 most valuable stars EPL: Pep's missing signature, 2 hopes for Man United - Football

Top 10 most valuable players in the current EPL.  

= 5. Phil Foden (Manchester City) – 90 trio euro 

As one of the promising young midfielders of Man City and English football, Phil Foden is expected to develop further if he continues to maintain a stable performance with The Citizens. 

2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 100 triệu euros 

The name leading the list of Premier League goalscorers currently with 20 goals, Mohamed Salah is the next face to be mentioned when he is still showing an incredible form in a Liverpool shirt. 

=2. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) – 100 million euros

Sharing the No. 1 spot with Salah is none other than Harry Kane, one of the greatest goalscorers in EPL history who is still playing.

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Phung So | 16:37 April 1, 2022